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Karuna Center peacebuilding practitioners have traveled the world developing and implementing sustainable strategies for conflict transformation in partnership with local organizations. In offering these training guides, we invite the reader into the philosophy behind our peacebuilding efforts, as well as share the details of workshop designs, the countries in which we taught them, and useful materials for the tasks of teaching and learning. 

The tools for peacebuilding need to be disseminated widely, so that skills for transforming conflict can be taught worldwide to current and future generations. All of these guides are offered freely. May they serve you well. 

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PEACEBUILDING IN DIVIDED COMMUNITIES: Karuna Center’s Approach to Peacebuilding

english version

What’s Inside the Training Guide:

Chapter 1 – Conflict Analysis
Chapter 2 – Peacebuilding Interventions
Chapter 3 – Intercommunal Dialogue
Chapter 4 – Social Healing, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness
Chapter 5 – Preparing Peacebuilding Facilitators: Training of Trainers
Chapter 6 – Creating Learning Communities for Peacebuilding in a Global Context
Training Tools – 47 Training Activities


Arabic version

What’s Inside the Training Guide:

Chapter 1 – Conflict Analysis
Chapter 2 – Peacebuilding Interventions
Chapter 3 – Intercommunal Dialogue
Chapter 4 – Social Healing, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness​
Training Tools – 43 Training Activities


Societal Transformation and Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This manual was a joint project of the organizations that collaborated on the USAID-funded Societal Transformation and Reconciliation (STaR) project: Centar za Izgradnju Mira, Mali Koraci, PRONI Center for Youth Development, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, and Karuna Center for Peacebuilding.


This toolkit and training guide was developed as a component of the Lifting Women’s Voices, Lifting Our Communities project in Madagascar.

English and French language versions are available.


This training guide was developed by the Karuna Center over the course of implementing a program of inter-­faith peacebuilding, titled Inter-­religious Cooperation for Community Development and Social Empowerment in Trincomalee and Batticaloa Districts, and Padaviya Division. During this program, we partnered with Sri Lankan NGO, Sarvodaya, to work intensively with a core group of 80 Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian religious leaders and an additional 80 young religious committee members, offering peacebuilding trainings and intensive inter-faith dialogues aimed at promoting mutual understanding and reconciliation. The training exercises in this manual were essential to building the skills necessary to carry this work forward.

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