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The lack of U.S. policy to mitigate climate change has severe consequences for the safety or survival of communities worldwide. Global warming and climate change may be the greatest coming threat to our collective security. Diminished resources and massive displacement due to rising seas, regional crop failures, destructive storms, and desertification are likely to fuel future armed conflicts as well as increase ongoing communal violence. Climate change is also a divisive political issue—and in order to address the coming challenges, we will need to find common ground.

About the Program

Pricing Carbon Initiative (PCI) is a broad network fostering dialogue and encouraging viable solutions that would put a price on carbon pollution in the US. We have partnered with PCI to hold national dialogues among stakeholders since 2011, when Karuna Center director Olivia Dreier helped plan and facilitate the Summit for Environmental Leaders that led to PCI’s formation. These dialogues are now held quarterly, and reach across the political aisle to involve more than 100 key organizations, ranging from environmentalists and progressive organizations to businesses and right-leaning think tanks.

Frontline communities—areas most harshly impacted by carbon pollution—are disproportionately inhabited by people of color who have often been marginalized in policymaking, yet have first-hand knowledge about real-world effects of policy choices. In October 2019, we began facilitating dialogues that focus on these equity issues—themed Transforming the Conversation on Carbon Pricing (TCCP)—in partnership with PCI, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and Deep South Center for Environmental Justice.

TCCP is the start of a conversation that we hope will increase understanding and respect for environmental justice in policy conversations about pricing carbon, and build common ground among a broader network to address climate change.

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